CPH COMMON HOUSE With CPH Common House we propose the world’s first upcycled high-rise building. We show how to build high and dense without losing the connection to the history, context and human scale. Strategies on sustainability and circularity are incorporated in the project from the first sketch.

The proposal sets a whole new agenda for sustainable high-rises of the future. CPH Common House rethinks the traditions of the classic Copenhagen courtyard building and incorporates micro climate, resource use and recycling of materials into the overall architectural approach. It is an innovative and effective example of how to build high while contributing positively to the development of Copenhagen’s sustainable profile.

”With CPH Common House, we want to show that you can easily build high and densely without losing the connection to history, context and the human scale. The project is based on a strong understanding of the site, resources and the microclimate, which results in an empathetic benchmark for sustainable high-rise buildings in Copenhagen” 


A SUSTAINABLE RETHINKING OF THE COPENHAGEN COURTYARD BUILDING: The proposal CPH Common House has been developed from an urban, architectural and landscape perspective, where the individual parts of the project enrich each other. Together they contribute to a strong and sustainable whole, where micro climate, resource use and recycling of materials are incorporated into an overall concept and construction.  It was a desire to achieve added value both architecturally


as well as economically, by including strategies for sustainability and upcycling from the very first sketch. Qualities from the traditional perimeter block are integrated, a green identity creates a close connection to the context and nearby common, the active courtyard and roof terraces provide meeting spaces for the community and with light coming in from both sides we have created healthy, attractive apartments.

For SOLSTRA Development, it has been crucial to collaborate with architects that could provide the best possible basis for the further process. Here THIRD NATURE and Lendager Group have exemplified how to build a distinctive high-rise building with great qualities and values in both the housing units as well as the outdoor spaces” – Søren Raae Teisen, Development Director at SOLSTRA DEVELOPMENT A/S

About the Architect

Anders Lendager is architect, CEO and founder of Lendager Group. He has been immersed in the development and promotion of the concept of sustainability in practice and as an external consultant, keynote speaker and lecturer at larger events and conferences on environmental matters and resources.

Anders is recognized as a sustainability pioneer, who is known for pushing the boundaries to make Danish and international construction and design more sustainable. Anders is extending frontiers in projects that he is immersing himself in by exploring the myriad of possibilities in sustainable construction and strategic sustainable development.

Anders has mastered the art of rethinking the foundation for how we go about construction projects and for how to generate new methods for upcycling of materials. His pioneering spirit is strong when it comes to creating a sustainable tomorrow, where waste is an architectonic resource and where the built environment incentivizes a circular economy.